All lined up in a row

Hello, hello! Yes, I am still alive. And I’m bringing you a peak of a new batch of cupcakes I’m working on. I received an order for 25 cupcakes – Minion cupcakes to be exact. I decided to make flat fondant toppers instead of 3D characters. These little gremlins will be placed atop a swirl of fluffy vanilla buttercream (plain vanilla cupcakes for the base). I think they look a bit scruffy, but not too bad for a first attempt. It was my first time using a food colouring marker too. I think the next time I use it I’ll wait for the fondant to dry out first. Let me know what you think. Have you ever made Minion cupcakes or cakes? Please share if you have!



A weekend of cupcakes

Hello friends. 

How is your week treating you? Aren’t you glad it’s Wednesday? I am…halfway through the week, wooo! Remember my post from last week where I mentioned I had to bake for two parties on the weekend? Well, I survived (clearly) and had a blast doing it!


My first baking project was for my cousin’s baby shower on the Saturday. In this post I shared that I would be making blue velvet cupcakes. I did make them (with a new velvet cupcake recipe) and generously topped them with a great cream cheese frosting.

The blue and white fondant discs (featured in the link above) finished them off nicely.

I know I said I’d post pictures of them… but I didn’t get a chance to take any. Sorry guys, you’ll have to use your imagination on this one.

Anyway, they seemed to be a big hit with the kids.


My second baking project was for my cousin’s baby’s 1st birthday party on the Sunday.

Being a little girl, I had to make it pink overload. I had an idea to create mini doughnuts as cupcake toppers. I bought a mini doughnut pan, followed the recipe on the packaging and proceeded to make the cutest little doughnuts ever!

Vanilla cupcakes with pink butter cream frosting were topped with the chocolate dipped, sprinkle laden doughnuts.


I must say, these were my favourite! They were tasty and so pretty. I love when first time attempts work out well.

What do you think? How cute are these doughnuts? I like that they are baked and not fried. I’ll definitely be making them again.


Till’ then!


An experimentation with fondant.

Happy Tuesday everybody!

I am super excited for this coming weekend! I have two big parties on and I’m baking for both. The first party on Saturday is a baby shower for my cousin Bronwen. She is expecting a little boy very soon.

I’ve decided to make blue velvet cupcakes with fondant toppers. Running with the theme of the nursery (airplanes), I have created cupcake toppers in blue and white. What do you think? I have never worked with fondant before, but I found it quite easy (admittedly the toppers are very simple in design, but I didn’t want to go too crazy first time round).

IMG_20130910_085628 r

I’m also trying a new velvet cake recipe for the blue velvet cupcakes. I’ll post a pic of the completed cupcakes next week.

I’m also excited to show you the concept I have for the second party on Sunday. It’s my cousin’s daughter’s first birthday (expect lots of pink).

Till’ then…


Rockin’ cupcakes

Hello again!

I know, I know…  I’ve been missing a while… (ahem, more like abandoning my poor blog for a couple of weeks). Sorry guys, I’ll try my best to post more regularly (as much for your entertainment as for my sanity).

Life, or should I say work, has been insanely busy and will get even more crazy till the end of the year (eeek!). Not to worry though. I have a few baking projects coming up – which will hopefully balance out the work bit.

Speaking of baking projects, I completed one this past weekend. I baked my first bulk load of cupcakes in celebration of my father-in-law’s 50th birthday party (pictured below).



The party theme was “rock ‘n roll” (colours being black and red with a touch of beige). What a rocking party it was! A live band played classic rock hits as well as modern songs from Mumford & Sons and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, amongst others. Despite the great music, the love and strong bond between everyone in the room was amazing, and is one definite positive of marrying into an Italian family.


Another positive of becoming part of an Italian family is sharing in their love of food. My darling sister-in-law and I provided the desserts. She baked a beautiful two-tiered chocolate cake, complete with fondant records and musical paper. I baked a whole bunch of red velvet cupcakes.

This was quite an interesting adventure. Firstly, I have never made over 60 cupcakes before. Halfway through mixing the batter, I realised that my dear Kenwood mixer could not handle that amount of batter. With said machine pathetically whirring and whining and batter overflowing, I (frustrated and red-faced), had to admit defeat, plonk batter in to the largest tupperware I could find and proceed to mix with an even smaller hand-held mixer (cue higher pitched whining).


Eventually, I managed to mix and bake 60 + cupcakes (this all took place on the Friday night). I made the icing on the Saturday morning. Smooth sailing? Not a chance! First of all, I bought the wrong sugar. Castor instead of icing sugar. Halfway through mixing the icing I realised this and in a panicked state rushed off to the shops.

Secondly, I ignored the mistake I had made the night before and decided to mix the whole quantity of icing in one shot. I don’t think I need to explain what happened…


Despite the mistakes, they turned out well. Wrapped in pretty black and red cupcake wrappers, they were topped with “rock ‘n roll” themed paper toppers and finished off with red sprinkles. They seemed to go down a treat – and that’s all that matters really. As long as my baking makes people smile, I’m happy.



The little man’s 1st birthday party

I am so blessed to have another cousin in my life!

Dear little Cole has won the hearts of every family member due to his sweet nature, gorgeous little face and just for looking so darn cute!

I recently attended his 1st birthday – what a bash!

The theme was red and blue stripes and dots. I decided to make iced biscuits in the shape of a “1” for every guest to take home. This was my first attempt at making royal icing…quite an interesting (read tiring) experiment.

I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to be creative though – and I finally put one of my ideas into action.

I hope everyone enjoyed eating them as much as I enjoyed making them.


 Meet Cole…

IMG_1935 r

Presentation is very important.

IMG_1937 r IMG_1938 r IMG_1940 r

Other treats at the party – baked by my talented cousin, Bronwen.

IMG_1932 r

I used individual letter stamps to create the personalised bags for each biscuit.