Well friends, here we are. 2014 is well on its way. Can you believe it’s the 17th of January already?? I feel very behind as I only came back from holiday on Sunday afternoon, so I’m still in holiday mode. By this time of the year I normally have my cupboards spring cleaned and my new year’s resolutions in place. Diving straight in to work has left me no time for me. I’ll get there though.

My above-mentioned holiday was amazing – a month long family trip to Italy. I ate, shopped, built a snowman and walked myself silly. I have a few pics to share.

IMG_20131219_104039 IMG_20131219_223612 IMG_20131220_130123 IMG_20131220_130445 IMG_20140117_160137 IMG_20140117_160433

Coming back to real life will always be a drag compared to a holiday, but luckily for me this year is full of exciting things:

* I am getting married to the sweetest, kindest man I know, my boyfriend and now fiancé of four and a half years (Mr V).

* Mr V and I are moving in to our first home.

I can’t wait!! I have less than 9 months to go. I’ll definitely be sharing my thoughts and inspiration for the wedding and house as I go.


In the mean time, I’ve come across a little project that I’m super excited to take part in. It’s called 100 Happy Days. It basically makes you find the good in every day. Today was my first day sharing what made me happy…



… Friday makes me happy! Check the project out here: 100 Happy Days


I hope your days to come are filled with fun and happiness.

‘Til then.


Get inspired today: beautiful blogs

Hello everyone! Here’s a quick question for you on a Thursday morning. Where do you get inspiration from? Magazines, books, nature? My biggest source of inspiration has to be blogs. Oh my word, when I discovered blogs a few years ago, my life changed. Before the blog discovery, I used to tear inspiring images from magazines and paste into scrapbooks – these books were my inspiration source. I still have them and occasionally paste in them.

I’m a very visual person. Give me a beautiful picture to drool over and I’m happy. When you couple beautiful images with inspiring words – I’m sold! Blogs transport you to another world, a world where everything is pretty. Their words inspire you to action, to dream, to take risks. Ever since I started reading blogs, I’ve been wanting to start my own. I hope to one day grow my blog into an inspiring,pretty place – just like the ones I love.

I’ve been wanting to create a series highlighting the most inspiring blogs out there. Sharing is caring they say, and I’d like to share some of my favourite blogs with you. My aim is to share a blog once a week, it’s important to get inspiration as often as possible.

I’m kicking the series off with the blog that started it all. Whenever I browse for inspiration, this is my first stop! You may know her already, or own one of her books. Holly Becker, creator of the blog decor8is my hero. She has inspired me from the first day that I stumbled across her blog. Holly launched decor8 in January 2006, after 10 years in the corporate world. Her goal was to live a more creative life, write about topics that she felt passionate about and encourage others to do the same.

Her dream paid off, with now over a million page views per month! Not only has she founded one of the greatest design blogs, but she has authored two best-selling books Decorate: 1,000 Inspirational Ideas For Every Room In Your Home and Decorate Workshop: Design and Style Your Space in 8 Creative Steps, and she has founded a series of online workshops called Blogging Your Way, aimed at the new blogger who is looking for guidance, tips and tricks. (I really want to take part in that course!)

I love Holly’s approach to her blog. It’s fresh, truthfully written and totally identifiable. Her projects are inspiring and simple enough for anyone to give it a go. Her images, oh her images, are stunning. Light, colourful and playful, they are truly inspiring. Here’s an example of her photography.



2 & 3DIY: Fun Frames

Beautiful no? I also like the fact that she has weekly contributors that bring another dimension of creativity to her blog. You can honestly find it all on decor8 – great design tips, crafty projects, blogging advice, yummy recipes and general awesomeness.

Do yourself a favour and visit her blog, you won’t be disappointed. You can thank me later.

Til’ then.