Behind the camera again and a taste of the tropics.

Don’t you just love a long weekend? It gives you time to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily have time for during the week. I decided to use the extra time to get behind my camera again. My subject was this delightful baked pudding, Lime and Coconut Delicious, created by Bill Granger.

lime 1 r                lime 3 r

I came across this pudding via Samantha Linsell’s twitter page and drooled at her recreation of it on her blog Drizzle and Drip. Take a look at her blog, her images are absolutely gorgeous! Inspired, I decided to bake and photograph the pudding myself.

It was really simple to make, but a lot harder to photograph. I am used to taking photo’s of cupcakes that have a solid shape and look pretty from every angle. I didn’t realise how tricky it would be to shoot a baked pudding. Anyway, I tried my best. What do you think?

lime 2 r

What’s most important is that it was yummy to eat! A light, fluffy lime and coconut baked pudding with an almost custard-like base – who could say no to that? If you would like to try this pudding out, follow the recipe here, on Samantha’s blog. Don’t forget the cream!


Till’ next time.


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