Pinterest inspiration – art

paint r


             1. Face  2. A Painter’s Tools  3. Wolf Pack


Creativity – how I love thee (and loathe thee when you don’t deliver on command).

I love looking at artists at work, in the process of creating something so beautiful and personal to them. I find the messy desks, blobs of paint and chalky pencil lines super inspiring that I too want to create and play and make a mess in the process.

Pinterest is my favourite place for finding inspiring images, as you can see above. I especially love the wolf illustration created by Caitlin Clarkson – visit her blog here. I love how creativity can be expressed in so many unique ways.

I have decided to allow myself to be creative – to let the inner artist out and give it the freedom it deserves. I can almost liken this creative side of me to a child (a rather cheeky one at that). Yes, I can see my creative side as a dark-haired little madam with long, swishy hair and blobs of paint on nose. She likes to play and experiment, who am I to say no?

So, this blog allows me to satisfy the need I have to write.

Taking photo’s expresses my love for all things visual.

Painting and drawing (whether in  a class or in the comfort of my home) will certainly satisfy the artistic urge inside of me.

I’m looking forward to this…finally being true to myself.


Do you ever feel that you could be more creative? Do you want to be more creative? How would you express it?

I would love to hear your thoughts!




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