Don’t try this at home

Sometimes, when you think you’re being extremely smart, you’re actually being extremely stupid. This was me last week Sunday. I had a plan… oh what a clever plan. I was going to make five different pancake recipes in a day, shoot them and voilà – I would have posts for the next month. I was quite chuffed by my genius.

So, off I trotted to the shops, bought the ingredients I needed and came home full of energy, ready to conquer the humble pancake! I decided to try three separate recipes.

* An old school crêpe recipe that included melted butter in the batter

* A Donna Hay crêpe recipe that asked for cream and sugar in the batter

* A Nigella Lawson American-style pancake

I preferred the Donna Hay crêpe recipe, it wasn’t too oily – and I eventually got the hang of making them.

The Nigella pancakes didn’t turn out as well as I expected them to. Instead of being light and fluffy, they ended up a bit dense. I have made them before, and I remember them being absolutely delicious. Try them with this recipe if you like – I would just add a pinch of salt to the batter.

Why make so many different pancakes you say? Madness I know. This was my thought process behind it all.

Take crêpes – create a toffee soufflé version (recipe taken from Donna Hay) and two savoury versions (a savoury mince and butternut/ricotta filled  crêpe).

Take American pancakes – create a chocolate chip/nutella/honeycomb version and a tropical (coconut/lemon/granadilla) version.

So, while making the pancakes, I made the fillings/toppings at the same time. I cooked from 11.30am till 8pm non-stop!!! I did not sit down once. Let me tell you, by Monday morning my feet and shoulders ached so much it felt like I had done a Sweat 1000 class. (So ladies, if you hate the gym, flip pancakes for 7 hours).

I managed to squeeze a few photographs in before the sun completely disappeared. I’m afraid they are not my best attempt… but at least I have something to show for it.


This was my attempt at chocolate chip pancakes with a nutella, honeycomb and mascarpone topping.


Another creation – tropical pancakes. I added lemon zest and coconut to the batter. I topped them off with a granadilla curd and mascarpone topping.

It wasn’t a complete disaster. I learnt how to make a granadilla curd, crêpes and an awsome savoury crêpe bake. When I’m completely recovered, I’ll post the recipe for the granadilla curd and savoury crêpe bake.

Sometimes you need to do something stupid like this to learn a lesson. I learnt that it pays to make one recipe at a time and give it the love and attention it deserves.

Till next time…


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