A lesson learnt


Yesterday was a day of loss and sadness but also of gratefulness and truth. My dear sister-in-law recently lost her grandfather to cancer – which was heartbreaking to see. The funeral was held at the beautiful Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Malvern. Everyone who knew, loved or whose life was somehow touched by this man gathered to say farewell. It was a touching service – a life was remembered and celebrated.

Even though it was a sad day, there was a lighter side – a lesson to be learnt. Funerals tend to reawaken the senses and remind a person of how fragile and precious life is. The father’s message was simple: enjoy life, cherish your loved ones, do the things you have always wanted to do. I think most people let small, inconsequential things bother them. They let daily life get in the way and they tend to walk with blinkers on, only seeing what is bothering them at that moment in time.


I’m a culprit of this. I worry, worry, worry about silly things, and moments that should have been enjoyed and cherished pass me by. From time to time we need a reminder, a kick up the pants. Life is not all about bills, washing, work, that flat tyre… We need to live for every moment, live in the now, have fun and chase our dreams. The father who held the service left us with one question: How have you lived your life so far?

I ask you the same question. ‘How have you lived your life so far?’ Are you happy with what you have done with your time? Are you doing what makes you happy? Are you living for every moment? Please know that my intention is not to make anyone feel guilty or depressed here. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t say yes to the above questions. Growing up and living life is all about learning to find a balance – I’m sure most struggle with this.

I’m just sharing what I found to be encouraging advice. Sometimes we just need to stop for a moment and be still. God put us on this earth to please Him and worship Him, but His intention was and still is for us to enjoy life, to enjoy each other. You only need to look around you, at the magnificent nature that surrounds you, or look inside yourself, at your complex body and unique personality to realise that it was created to be enjoyed. I believe God did not create such a complex, awe-inspiring world for it to be ignored or unexplored.

The world is ours to explore. Our talents are God-given for us to use.

Stop procrastinating. Have fun!


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