The little man’s 1st birthday party

I am so blessed to have another cousin in my life!

Dear little Cole has won the hearts of every family member due to his sweet nature, gorgeous little face and just for looking so darn cute!

I recently attended his 1st birthday – what a bash!

The theme was red and blue stripes and dots. I decided to make iced biscuits in the shape of a “1” for every guest to take home. This was my first attempt at making royal icing…quite an interesting (read tiring) experiment.

I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to be creative though – and I finally put one of my ideas into action.

I hope everyone enjoyed eating them as much as I enjoyed making them.


 Meet Cole…

IMG_1935 r

Presentation is very important.

IMG_1937 r IMG_1938 r IMG_1940 r

Other treats at the party – baked by my talented cousin, Bronwen.

IMG_1932 r

I used individual letter stamps to create the personalised bags for each biscuit.


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